Help with Setting up Your Business

Please follow the instructions below

The detailed guide:

(Please note: An Item is your Business Listing)

Please follow the instructions below to set yourself up on the site;

* if you are having troubles, please click here and fill out our contact us form or,
if you have Facebook Messenger, send Alex a private message here


After registering for a business listing you will be taken to your profile page and asked to fill in your information as shown in the red boxes below


Next click on the ‘Items‘ tab, as shown below

To create your listing click the ‘Add New‘ tab as shown below (this will be your Business Listing)

Input your business name in the box shown below and further details of who you are as shown in the example by Double S Design;

You can input a Subtitle and further contact information – make it easy for people to reach you


You can add an image in a few easy steps – note that the best size is 320 px x 400 px portrait – if you’re unsure contact us.

Click on ‘Set item image‘ 


…and upload an image from your computer by following the below instructions


Although WordPress technically allows file sizes up to 128MB, we strongly advise that image sizes are kept to a minimum, any images over 1Mb, may be removed. Large files slow websites down, please be sure to check the file sizes before uploading them. You can use free online image optimising software to reduce sizes.

Click ‘Set Featured Image‘ and your image will be seen in your Business Listing as shown in the example below



Further down on the page you can add your address into the Address field, but in order to get the Location Map in place you will need to manually add in the Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates. Do NOT click Find at any time. In order to get your correct Geo-Location pin pointed correctly, you can input your address into this site and copy and paste the Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates into your page. You don’t need to worry about zooming in as the site does this for you and, again, don’t click Find. Input the co-ordinates and then input your full address in the Address field i.e. 11 Arcade Street, Ipswich, IP4 1EX. Again, don’t click Find.


Finally, you need to set your main category (i.e. Finance) and your sub-category (i.e. Accountancy) to display your business in the correct part of the Directory

Please scroll up and on the right hand side of the page you will see ‘Item Categories‘, select your main (Cleaning and Housekeeping) and sub (Cleaners) category and click the blue button ‘Submit for Review

Your Registration will be sent for approval and your listing should be live within 24-48 hours.

We currently don’t have auto email notifications for brand new listings so please, click here to let us know you’ve joined, or, preferably, private message Alex

Please note that some email accounts, such as Gmail, may put the email notification into Junk, or block it altogether.

Please check your junk folder and white-list the email address.

Once approved, your Business Listing will look something like this

(example below is of the ‘Free‘ business listing)

Quick set up guide:

  1. Fill in your email, username and choose your package
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. If FREE is chosen, there is nothing to pay
  4. For Advanced or Premium Package choose the way you’d like to pay
  5. Check your email for login info
  6. Log in and add your ITEM (Business details) into to the Directory Portal.
  7. Add in only what you need to, first and last name, website and social media accounts.
  8. Add/change payment type (PayPal or Bank Transfer).
  9. Click Update Profile.
  10. Log in and add your ITEM (Business details) into to the Directory Portal.